About the Doctor

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Saifi received his Bachelor degree in Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) from India and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) from the USA. He practiced naturopathic medicine in a center of repute for Health and Wellness in the heart of Hollywood for good 9 years. Presently he is settled and sees patients in Dubai, UAE.

Dr. Saifi strongly believes in the connection between mind, body, and spirit and that there is an inherent ability of the body to heal itself. Due to his multidisciplinary educational and practical background in Unani and Naturopathic Medicine, he brings a unique, personal approach to health & healing combining herbal medicine, nutrient therapy, physical medicine, nutrition, Hijamah (Cupping therapy) and lifestyle counseling to customize a natural, non-toxic treatment plan for each individual.


Naturopathic Medicine

Unani Medicine

Hijamah (Cupping Therapy)

Herbology (including Western, Indian, Middle-Eastern)

Nutraceuticals/Dietary Supplements & Advance Nutrient Medicine

Food and Nutrition

Neuro-Physical Re-programming /Stress Management Therapy


American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, Inc., USA

Licensed TCAM Doctor (Specialty: Naturopathic Medicine), Independent Practice License from both – Ministry of Health (MOH), UAE and Dubai Health Authority (DHA), UAE

Registered Unani Medicine Doctor, AYUSH, MOH, India


Ibn Sina (Avicenna) International Award for Excellence in Unani (Greek) Medicine, India (2018)

Hakim Ajmal Khan International Award for Contribution in Unani (Greek) Medicine, Dubai, UAE (2014)

Member of MOH Licensing Examination Board for TCAM, Ministry of Health (MOH), UAE

Member, American Naturopathic Medical Association, USA

Life Member, Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine & Sciences, India


Presentations/workshops/Lectures- Internationally including USA, Middle-East, India on various topics of TCAM including Optimum Health with Food, Prevention/Reversal of Syndrome X, Hijamah (Wet Cupping Therapy) etc.


15 year Work Experience in Dubai, UAE

9 year Work Experience in Wellness Center of Repute in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Experienced to see patients from upscale Hollywood and Beverly Hills Society, USA

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