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You are responsible for Your Health and NOT your Doctor.

Scientific studies have shown that severe chronic diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis etc often can begin to reverse when people make big changes in diet and lifestyle.                          

“Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Saifi”

You are what You eat from Your head down to Your feet.

Success lies not only in restricting calories, but by watching the ones we eat. Nutrient Density is a significant concept in planning diets. Not simply vitamins and minerals, but a selective intake of macro and micronutrients is essential for healthy functioning of the immune system and to facilitate our body’s cleansing and cellular repair process that protect us from chronic ailments.

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Dear Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Saifi, thanks a bunch for your diet program. My Triglycerides were above 500. With your explained diet and walking my triglycerides levels came down to 200 ( and that's all within a month). I wanted to avoid medicines so tried your program and thanks to God it worked for me.


Delhi, India

Alhamdulillah, your food program helped me and my wife a lot. Both of us were overweight, our blood pressure and blood sugar were high. Both of us were on medicines for sugar and blood pressure (myself 20 years and my wife 12 years). Alhamdulillah with your food program by the mercy of Allah, we were able to lose a good amount of weight and our doctor has reduced the blood sugar medicines by almost half..

Abdul Rahman

Karachi, Pakistan

“Jazakallah o Khairan to you Dr. Iftikhar Sb. Your food program has helped my husband so much that it's really hard to say thanks to you. My husband had diabetes and was overweight. MashaAllah with your diet plan he was able to lose 15 kg weight and also his blood sugar is normal now. His physician asked to stop the medicines.

Umm Abdullah


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